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Customised website assessment service


In this personalised service, we assess your website, individually, using all the techniques and expertise developed over 18 years of our Better connected surveys and against the detailed criteria of our latest survey.

We offer a range of additional options to meet your individual requirements (eg in-depth assessment of accessibility).

What do you receive? Clear recommendations from experts on what you have to do to bring your website up to the required standard for the demanding times ahead.


Standard assessment of top tasks

Two Better connected reviewers assess your website independently and report their findings separately. In this way you will see how two of our expert reviewers view your site, and will learn from what they agree on and what they might just see differently.

We can cover six or twelve tasks; each option includes some standard assessment of facilities such as the use of search and use of A to Z. We agree in advance the specific tasks to be reviewed.  

From their reports we produce a detailed 30-50 page report. The answers to the questions by the two reviewers are shown side by side, unedited, so that web developers can see how similar, or different, the replies are. Both reviewers also give their top five recommendations for improving the site.

Critical friend review (optional extra)

One of our reviewers will spend a day on site to be used as required by the customer. The reviewer will produce a pre-visit report based on the top tasks and then within a week of the visit a short post-visit report of the key points discussed. 

Accessibility assessment  (optional extra)

We commission Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) to carry out an assessment of accessibility using a mixture of automated and manual techniques to check that your website conforms with Level A or Level AA of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.


Problem to solve

Across the public sector organisations now realise just how critical it is to maximise self-service for all their customers wherever feasible. It is also critical that their websites are fit for this purpose.

Is your website up to the job?


Optional extras

 Corporate membersOne or more membersAll others
Critical friend review£997.50£1050£1470

If you wish to purchase any optional extras, please request a quote below.

Corporate membersOne or more membersAll others
Standard six top tasks£1947.50£2050.00£2870.00
Standard twelve top tasks£2945.00£3100.00£4340.00
Mobile assessment based on three top tasks£997.50£1050.00£1470.00


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