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Inform Quarterly Digest Autumn 2018

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our quarterly digest - a terrific resource detailing all of the briefings, reports, blogs and more Socitm has published during the previous season...



Inform Briefings


Why apprenticeships make sense

This briefing sets out the opportunities created by apprenticeship schemes, the scope of apprenticeship schemes across the UK, some of the support available and three leading examples from councils that are focused on driving up IT skills.


Socitm North 2018 conference - Lawns, clouds and gateways

Socitm’s North 2018 conference, held at Blackwell Grange Hotel in Darlington on 18 October, included numerous workshops – although these were the kind that involved talking rather than engineering.


Midlands and East event workshop write up

In a new format for Socitm regional events, consultant Jos Creese led an interactive thought leadership workshop discussion at the Midlands and East Conference at Northampton's Delapré Abbey in September 2018.


Building an IT strategy assessment framework

Does your heart sink at the thought of having to write, rewrite or read and evaluate your council’s IT strategy? Do you even need one? This briefing paper summarises common themes you can use to develop your own strategy or to assess the one you already have.




Inform Reports


The future of ICT outsourcing: Part 3 - Issues

This is the third part in a series of three Inform Reports looking at the future of ICT outsourcing, with a focus on local government.

Among other things, this part focuses on outsourcing versus the cloud; ICT procurement; and preserving the ethos of the public sector.


The future of ICT outsourcing: Part 2 - Emerging approaches

This is the second part in a series of three Inform Reports looking at the future of ICT outsourcing, with a focus on local government.

Among other things, this part examines the emerging approaches to outsourcing, case studies; outsourcing versus the cloud; the changing environment; and the role of SMEs.


The future of ICT outsourcing: Part 1 - Current problems

This is the first part in a series of three Inform reports looking at the future of ICT outsourcing, with a focus on local government.

Among other things, this part examines the current problems surrounding ICT outsourcing; what it is; and lessons from the past.




In Our View


In our View Issue 15 - Disruptive Technologies

Autumn 2018's In Our View, Socitm’s free magazine, explores disruptive technologies and how we can make use of them.

Also in this issue: innovating in small-town Sweden; Vice president Sam Smith on taking opportunities; the most-installed council apps; and a report on the recent Cymru and London and South events.




Blogs and other resources


IT policy survey results - infographic

Socitm and Protocol Policy recently conducted a survey to gauge how public sector organisations are evolving and maintaining their IT policies, to reflect ongoing changes in their use of technology and the introduction of new regulations such as GDPR.

See all the results from that survey in this infographic.


Transforming children's social care: 10 technology enabled initiatives

This guide is designed to support local authorities that have begun, or that are beginning, digital social care programmes. This publication focuses on children’s social care (CSC); for adult social care we have already produced similar guidance earlier in 2018.


Microsoft products - packaging and pricing for local government

Socitm, working with the LGA and CCS, has been engaging with our Microsoft colleagues to ensure that we are taking a leading position in conveying the issues and challenges facing the local government sector.


Airbnb stops listing Israeli settlement homes in West Bank

Airbnb has come over all principled and decided to stop listing Israeli settlement homes in the illegally occupied West Bank.


Butter-fingered Google lost several million of its IP addresses this week

... And you’ll have to continue reading this story if you want to find out more.


Truth, reality and lawnmowers: why IT needs a purpose

By Phil Jackman, consultant, Guerrilla Working and former head of IT, Durham County Council


Gaffe-plagued Facebook has had to apologise YET AGAIN

This time for a ‘white supremacist’ ad, a cock-up which, these days, is as expected as it is abhorrent.


Socitm’s Pioneer Challenge lets Chorley test its cloud disaster recovery plan

By Emma Marshall, ICT and programme manager, Chorley Council




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