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New for 2018 - Socitm Inform

We are planning an overhaul of our research service – now called Inform – following feedback from members. Around 150 pieces of content will be released annually in 2018, as part of our revamped research service, which will include monthly reports, video and graphics, and a quarterly message from the president.

Our work in this area will continue to focus on key topics informed by our president, regional teams and members. However, the results of the research will be available through a larger number of pieces of content using different formats. We have trialled some of these, including member briefings, in 2017.

Other new types of research will include: a weekly bulletin of aggregated news, monthly material from partners and a quarterly research digest. Some of the formats aim to make it easier for you to pass on your knowledge to others, including videos.



  • Authoritative commentary and well-informed advice
  • Quick access into best practice of all aspects of ICT management
  • Practical approaches for dealing with new issues
  • Key message presented simply and clearly for busy managers
  • Material that can be quickly used for meetings, workshops and seminars


The fee for the Inform package for 2018 is £995, which includes two individual Socitm memberships. 

The Better Connected service, which evaluates a wide range of digital performance by local public service providers, is not part of the Inform package and will be available separately at a cost of £995. This includes two individual Socitm memberships.


Getting the best value out of your Socitm subscription

We recommend that you choose one of our corporate membership  packages to get the best value out of your Socitm subscription. Not only will you get the Inform and Better Connected services, you will also have access to a raft of other benefits including access to the new corporate member area on our website, which will provide an unprecedented level of knowledge-sharing through articles, research, webinars, discussions and much more – enabling greater levels of networking than ever before


Inform reports are substantial pieces of research work commissioned following advice from the Research Steering Group while Inform briefings are ‘need to know’ topical monthly briefing notes. Follow the links to the respective pages detailing recent publications and cross-links to the Knowledge Hub archive.

The current priorities are:

  • The Internet of things and big data
  • More on cloud services/XaaS
  • More on enabling a mobile and flexible workforce
  • Place/government as a platform offerings
  • Trusted digital services for employees, citizens and businesses - see Socitm Insight Cyber Guide (July 2016)
  • More on open standards and APIs – moving towards open systems.

As well as the business-as-usual of IT management practice, we will be examining how developments in these areas can support members in delivering more and better digital public services and health and social care integration at less cost, more flexibly and with more changeability designed in.


Find out more

Please contact the Socitm office if you have any questions about theInform service and how to access it.