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The Insight service undertakes research into topical issues related to digital and technology policy and management in the local public sector. We produce publications, briefings and events, all aiming to provide up-to-date guidance and help in planning for the future. 

Annually renewable, the service can be started at any time in the year for immediate access to all reports and briefings that have been produced in the year to date and in the archive. The service includes includes the Better Connected web surveys and reports.

Reports and briefings are supplied via the Insight Knowledge Hub Group and on the Better Connected website.

Please note that access is available to any employees with a corporate email address from a paying organisation.

Our research is guided by the Research Steering Group:

  • Insight reports  Substantial pieces of research work commissioned following advice from the Research Steering Group
  • Insight briefings  ‘Need to know’ topical monthly briefing notes
  • Better connected  Identifying best practice and helping councils improve the quality of the online experience for those who visit council websites

Individuals need a Socitm account on this website to use the fast access facility from your logged in dashboard. Create an account

If necessary, you can check that your organisation has the Insight service by going to the list of up-to-date Socitm Insight subscribers.

Latest news

Insight Briefing 102 - Govroam 20 June 2017

An opportunity to build a UK-wide, common local public services platform infrastructure - bottom up. This Socitm Insight Briefing is in two parts. The first part describes what the govroam opportunity is in general terms. The second is a practitioner’s guide to getting started with govroam.

Read the full Insight briefing: Govroam



  • Authoritative commentary and well-informed advice
  • Quick access into best practice of all aspects of ICT management
  • Practical approaches for dealing with new issues
  • Key message presented simply and clearly for busy managers
  • Material that can be quickly used for meetings, workshops and seminars


Please note that the prices below are for organisations with at least one member. Any organisations without members will pay around 30% more. Public sector membership of Socitm costs just £110 for an individual.

The service fee covers one calendar year. You can start to take the service at any time in the year and immediately get access to the back catalogue.

Prices shown below are exclusive of VAT. They are banded based upon the net current expenditure for public and third sector organisations or the number of employees for private sector organisations.

Corporate membersOne or more membersAll others
Public or Third Sector Band 1 - under £20m£0.00£670.00£938.00
Public or Third Sector Band 2 - £20m or over£0.00£925.00£1295.00
Public or Third Sector Band 3 - £100m or over£0.00£1110.00£1554.00
Public or Third Sector Band 4 - £200m or over£0.00£1380.00£1932.00
Public or Third Sector Band 5 - £400m or over£0.00£1700.00£2380.00
Public or Third Sector Band 6 - £1000m or over£0.00£1920.00£2688.00
Private Sector Band 1 - 10 or fewer employees£0.00£670.00£1273.00
Private Sector Band 2 - 11 to 50 employees£0.00£1110.00£2109.00
Private Sector Band 3 - over 50 employees£0.00£1920.00£2688.00


Insight reports are substantial pieces of research work commissioned following advice from the Research Steering Group while Insight briefings are ‘need to know’ topical monthly briefing notes. Follow the links to the respective pages detailing recent publications and cross-links to the Knowledge Hub archive.

The current priorities are:

  • The Internet of things and big data
  • More on cloud services/XaaS
  • More on enabling a mobile and flexible workforce
  • Place/government as a platform offerings
  • Trusted digital services for employees, citizens and businesses - see Socitm Insight Cyber Guide (July 2016)
  • More on open standards and APIs – moving towards open systems.

As well as the business-as-usual of IT management practice, we will be examining how developments in these areas can support members in delivering more and better digital public services and health and social care integration at less cost, more flexibly and with more changeability designed in.

Better Connected is Socitm’s long established project that helps councils improve the quality of the online experience for those who visit council websites. To see how your council or another’s has performed, visit the dedicated, separate Better connected website


Please contact the Socitm office to place an order:

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Please contact the Socitm office if you have any questions about theInsight service and how to access it.