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Industry bodies unite to drive local digital leadership

Public sector leaders urged to be role models of digital innovation across and beyond local government

24 May 2016

Council websites show marked improvement in mobile and accessibility performance in annual Better Connected assessment

Headline results for all 416 council websites free-to-view at

23 May 2016

Socitm outlines key role for Local Digital Coalition in extending GDS ‘government as a platform’ to local public services

A new briefing from Socitm, The Local Digital Coalition: a key step to the future delivery of joined up and digital local public services, sets out how services like GOV.UK Verify, Notify and Pay could be extended to local public services

06 May 2016

Council websites get A* for secondary schools applications test

Council websites tested for their performance in providing online applications for secondary schools have passed with flying colours. 78% of the 27 county councils tested provide a good or very good service.

14 April 2016

Council web survey shows commitment to boosting local fitness - but message delivery needs streamlining

The latest survey of local authority website performance conducted by Socitm’s Better Connected research programme shows commitment to supporting local populations to get fit, but some confused and confusing message delivery.

12 April 2016

Socitm and Local CIOC welcome Local Digital Coalition as key step to future delivery of joined-up local public services

Socitm, the association for digital leaders in local public services, and the Local CIO Council have welcomed the collaboration between itself, SOLACE (the council chiefs’ organisation), LocalGov Digital, iNetwork, iStand and others, to form the Local Digital Coalition.

04 April 2016

Poor integration with third party systems mars experience of planning services online reports Better Connected

Planning to feature as one of four key online services in Better Connected Live 2016 (Birmingham, May 24/25) thanks to collaboration with the Planning Portal

04 April 2016

Councils should review information governance arrangements ahead of impending changes to data protection and online privacy laws

Socitm suggests that councils should look at the information governance arrangements they currently have in place and prepare for the enforcement of the new regulations that are likely to be in place from 2018.

31 March 2016

50% of local authorities offer online accounts for council tax

Half of the 320 local authority websites tested by Socitm in the latest Better Connected survey ‘pay council tax’ provide an online account where people can view their council tax details and balance.

29 March 2016

Better Connected Live 2016 The re-invention of local public services

Local leaders responsible for delivering public services are being invited to re-imagine the possibilities from a devolved and digital perspective at a new, two-day event 24/25 May in Birmingham.

24 February 2016

Online user experience of council libraries marred by poorly integrated third party systems: latest Better connected survey

The user experience of council library services online, based on results of testing the task ‘renew library book’, is still marred by third party library systems that are poorly integrated with the main council website.

17 February 2016

Raft of pressures on local authorities has increased diversity of ICT-enabled service transformation approaches

The raft of pressures on local authorities - social, economic, technological and political - has increased the diversity of approaches to ICT-enabled service transformation.

08 February 2016

Finding council tip opening times easier than reporting a missed bin from a mobile phone

More than three quarters of county councils provide a good or very good service for people seeking information about their local tip, even when they are doing so from their mobile phone.

02 February 2016

Website performance data 2015 released for all UK councils

Better connected has now released data for all UK councils from its 2015 report.

18 January 2016

Half of counties now enable older persons' bus pass applications online reveals Better connected

This finding is part of the latest survey carried out for the programme, headline results of which are available now on the new Better connected website.

06 January 2016

70% of councils tested provide a good or very good parking service online says Better connected

Nearly 70% of councils tested – London boroughs and metropolitan districts - provide a good or very good parking service online.

27 November 2015

Disappointment that Spending Review digital boost ignores need and opportunity to join up services across place

IT and digital leaders in local public services are disappointed that the substantial boost for digital transformation announced in the Spending Review is focused on central government and NHS services, ignoring the pressing need to join up public services locally.

26 November 2015

Better connected launches online

Better connected, the Socitm research programme that evaluates the customer experience of local public service web and digital activity will be formally launched in its new, online form at Socitm2015 in Leicester on 19/20 October.

16 October 2015

Socitm points to New York as model for councils looking to drive ‘data-driven solutions’ locally

Local authorities thinking about how to drive ‘data-driven solutions’ locally could find their model in New York says Big data: What does it mean to ‘do’ it? the latest briefing from Socitm Insight.

07 October 2015

Buurtzorg: could this Dutch approach to service re-design and digital transformation work here? asks Socitm briefing

Could the approach to service re-design and digital transformation developed by the Dutch care organisation, Buurtzorg, work here in the UK? asks the latest briefing from Socitm.

22 September 2015

Socitm launches Women in IT and digital initiative at event in London 23 September

Socitm, the association for IT and digital professionals working in local pubic services is launching an initiative to support women in the sector and promote their advancement.

18 September 2015

Councils ‘share digital’ insights captured in Socitm briefing

Council managers who missed the ‘ShareDigital 2015’ event in July have another opportunity to benefit from peer experience in Socitm’s latest briefing Catch-up on ShareDigital 2015: too useful to have missed?

31 July 2015

Sentiment analysis well worth further investigation as part of performance management armory, says Socitm briefing

Sentiment analysis, a way of using technology to aggregate many individual opinions, attitudes and emotions to gain insight into opinions of whole communities, may be something today’s head of ICT would do well to investigate further.

17 July 2015

Digital - the most plausible response to austerity - not yet embraced by many local public service organisations

Digital approaches that provide the most plausible response to austerity are yet to be embraced by many local public service organisations, says a new report from Socitm.

06 July 2015

Continuing austerity in the public sector could be the making of local authority intranets, says Socitm briefing

As public sector cutbacks eat deeper into middle management, local authority intranets may finally come into their own as an important tool for employee productivity.

30 June 2015

Socitm agrees partnership with Boilerhouse

Socitm agrees partnership with Boilerhouse to develop research and publishing on digital local services

12 May 2015

Gravesham Borough Council streamlines its business processes

This press release was issued by Denmark's dania software and illustrates how they have supported Gravesham Borough Council, a Socitm Insight service user, in achieving improved business efficiency.

06 May 2015

Cloud computing in use in vast majority of local public services despite concerns

Cloud computing in use or being piloted in vast majority of local public services despite ongoing concerns, shows Socitm survey

01 May 2015

Towards the digital council: Socitm marks progress in new briefing

The extent of progress towards the ‘digital council’ – certainly a part of the answer to challenges facing local government – is set out in a new briefing from public services ICT association Socitm.

24 April 2015

Socitm confirms new President Nadira Hussain

Socitm, the association of IT and digital professionals working in and for public services, has confirmed Nadira Hussain, One Oracle Programme Manager at oneSource, the shared service created by the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering, as its new President.

24 April 2015

Socitm partners with Knowledge Hub to boost digital collaboration between members

Dedicated Socitm ‘Network’ on Knowledge Hub to enhance member engagement

14 April 2015

Helping local public services ‘open up digital’: Socitm Spring Conference, London, 23 April 2015

Against a backdrop of more budget cuts for local public services, Socitm's Spring Conference will explore the role of ‘digital’

31 March 2015