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Women in IT


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Our Socitm 'Women in IT’ group aims to improve the visibility of women in IT, through raising the profile of talented and experienced women working to deliver local public services, promoting them as role models and presenting greater opportunities for public speaking and other engagements.

Its immediate goal is to address the under-representation of women in IT, and to gain insights into the barriers preventing women joining IT and progressing their careers. The longer-term aim will be working with young women at the point at which they are considering career options to assist and identify ways and means to support them into IT and IT management.

The Group's aims include:

  • providing a forum to enable engagement and participation from interested parties from across the breadth of IT roles - professional and leadership;
  • increasing the participation by women in decision-making, particularly at a regional level and in Socitm as a whole;
  • improving the quality and variety of contribution of women to regional meetings and other events, conferences, debates etc.; and
  • addressing the diversity and inclusivity agenda for Socitm, including the current gender imbalance in membership and in positions of seniority.?