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Regional meetings


UK regional meetings

This is your opportunity to meet local, likeminded Socitm members – digital experts like you who are facing the same challenges, looking to learn from others.

With three or four gatherings a year, they're a small commitment with big benefits, such as:

Our regional meetings are the perfect complement to bigger conferences, especially if you find the latter intimidating or impractical. And as you are more than welcome to bring a colleague, the meetings can make a real difference to you and your team.

Each meeting is free for any Socitm member (and guest) but is otherwise £75 + VAT. 


Next steps


Interested in sponsoring regional meetings?

We already work with many high-profile technology firms and those that sponsor and join our regional meetings typically do so for the unique face-to-face opportunities they offer. If you would like to get involved, talk with our expert Agnes today: