Modern Leadership

Modern Leadership

The modern leadership role in local public services is now necessarily distributed and coping with dynamic, often complex, multidimensional circumstances. Uncommon levels of situational awareness and soft skills are premium qualities.

Modern Leadership Introduction

As part of this project, we elaborate upon this very significant shift from ‘traditional/managerial’ single silo, command and control conceptions of leadership towards more ‘modern/digital age’ collaborative, adaptive and less directive styles.

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‘Me’ to ‘we’ – from command and control to agree to collaborate

Thinking about leadership as a role as opposed to an inherent trait of special people has developed through the 20th into the 21st century. We now recognise very clearly the significance and power of the people- and behaviour-centric leadership approaches and how they are the most appropriate to today’s dynamic, often complex, multidimensional circumstances.

Leadership in a Digital World – a perspective from the Socitm Leadership Academy

Steve Cliff describes the basis of the Socitm Leadership Academy’s approach to individual development and outlines its content and desired outcomes. He draws upon the results of an alumni survey carried out as part of this project.

Tools for leaders – designing the environment for leadership

Today’s leaders can’t rely on the conventional models of the past. Success now largely depends upon having diverse capabilities, and being ready to respond and adapt to quickly changing circumstances.

Summary and Socitm recommendations

If we are to lead as effectively as we can, we need to adapt. Today’s leaders have to embrace new ways of thinking in our modern environments.

Why you should read this:

  • To find out why we need to move towards a new model of leadership
  • To understand that good leadership is about what you do next, not what you are
  • To learn about the reorientation of organisational cultures that are purpose-driven and outcomes-focused
  • To understand the five conditions needed to produce a culture of continuous learning and improvement

Issues addressed:

  • How to become a successful leader
  • Your next steps list
  • How Socitm can help you, and vice versa

Leadership Case Studies and Socitm Leadership Academy Alumni Survey Results

The real story of modern leadership, as recounted by the Socitm community, is one of evolution and growth. In this guide, we’ll hear and learn from leaders who applaud authenticity, who commend collaboration, who salute self-reflection. Above all, we’ll discover individual tales of inspiration and innovation: experiences and aims that are leading the way for true transformation.

Why you should read this:

  • You will learn how leadership is changing, and what that means for you.
  • Discover insights from a diverse range of people who work in and with public sector organisations – and how they are  developing their own leadership for the good of their teams, their organisations and the people they serve.
  • You’ll see how others have fostered leadership in their colleagues, learning how you could do the same.
  • You’ll find a sense of camaraderie in facing common challenges, with new ways to approach them.

Issues addressed:

  • The importance of authenticity and transparency: two key traits of leadership that emerge in all of our case studies.
  • Trust and why it is crucial within the teams you lead: How to develop it, how to maintain it, and how to prosper from it.
  • The journey to being a great leader: practical ways you can develop your own leadership qualities, along with the value of mentoring and coaching.
  • Personal experiences and statistical findings about leadership – a useful mix of individual stories and thoughts, with our unique leadership survey data.