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The Pioneer Challenge




You’re a visionary. Your ideas are going to change lives. You’re a team that dares to tread where others turn and cower. You’re a Pioneer – and we’ve cooked up something that’s going to help you bring your superb concept to life.

Your team has a plan, a scheme, a vision for your organisation’s ICT services which is going to make people’s heads spin in awe and delight: You are ready for Socitm’s Pioneer Challenge!

Following the success of our first-ever Pioneer Challenge (see winning entries below), we’ve now teamed up with MLL Telecom and Verisec to provide two amazing new pioneering packages – and they're free. That needs repeating: They're free.

(Incidentally, if you’re a top-class tech supplier and you’d like to get involved with our Pioneer Challenge, you’re more than welcome to join us. Get in contact with us today).

It's simple: fill out our quick application form

If your team has got what it takes, complete our application form detailing your idea and WHY YOU are the best candidate for the Pioneer Challenge and send it in to us. That’s all you have to do.


So, then, here are our amazing new pioneering packages:

Pioneer Challenge package one: MLL Telecom

MLL Telecom have over 25 years’ experience in delivering reliable managed wide area networks to public sector organisations including local government, blue light and third sector bodies. They use this experience to deliver insight and recommendations to their customers as to how a network’s design and commercials should evolve with their changing requirements and also how to take advantage of new technologies, suppliers and market pricing.

As a licensed operator with their own spectrum, they pioneer the development of converged ‘Fixed’ and ‘Wireless’ networks to create the ultimate communications environment. MLL is also a leading provider to the Network Services Framework, RM1045.

If your team’s successful in winning the MLL package, you’ll get a security review of your network worth £5,000 that’ll include:

  • Three days on-site security consultancy with key stakeholders
  • Includes internet services, PSN requirements and HSCN provision
  • Written report showing any quick wins and longer term strategic objectives to match business requirements
Pioneer Challenge package two: Verisec

Verisec is a company on the cutting edge of digital security, creating solutions that make systems secure and easily accessible. The company provides a wide range of products and services within its two areas of business: digital identity and information security.

Local authorities in the UK are being offered the chance to use Verisec’s Freja eID two-factor authentication solution for all citizens and employees at no cost, forever. The software allows validated and trusted identities to seamlessly authenticate across many different public sector and non-public sector services, without the need for multiple passwords and without having to provide identity documents each time a service or claim is required.

The package also includes:

  • Integration for up to three applications
  • Raising solution awareness and providing marketing material for usage for both employees and citizens
  • Consultancy time to run workshops and understand identity requirements and scope of project
  • Monthly progress meetings
  • Promotion as a partner with Verisec, we will work in partnership to pioneer digital citizens in the UK
So, you know what you've got to do. Take up the challenge and get your pioneering ideas over to us!
Email your submissions to 
Read the rules for entry in our terms and conditions.

Download our application form.

The first Pioneer Challenge winners announced


Socitm has named Chorley, Kingston, Sutton and Aberdeenshire councils as the winners of its first-ever Pioneer Challenge.

Each of the councils will receive a free package of services that will help turn their IT visions into reality.

The winning entries were announced at the Socitm President's Conference on 9 May 2018.

Chorley Council’s package includes $20,000 of credit for use on the Amazon Web Services platform, support, monthly business reviews, and online training resources.

The Kingston and Sutton Shared ICT service will join the Novoville family and receive full software support, including on-boarding and integration processes, real-time software updates and monthly check-up sessions, and software amendments.

Meanwhile, Aberdeenshire Council will benefit from a £5,000 service from MLL Telecom that includes consultancy on internet services, PSN requirements and HSCN provision, and a written report showing quick wins and longer term strategic objectives to match business requirement.

We will follow these case studies over the next 12 months so watch this space for further updates!