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I am delighted with the breadth and depth of this report. Digital means something different to almost everyone, but there is a core consensus which the report draws out by focussing on what people have recently delivered with digital in the local public sector.

The innovation and ingenuity that is highlighted in this review of the digital landscape is impressive. Often with very small budgets and certainly with decreasing resources, digital leaders from across the country have shown what can be done. 

Steve Halliday, President of Socitm and Chief Information Officer, Solihull MBC

The report presents:

  • a vision for digital services for 2020, based on four examples of best practice that have emerged in 2013
  • a statement of current progress from different perspectives, based on six major pieces of research published in 2013
  • an overview of developments in four challenging areas of public service where digital is making rapid progress 
  • a picture of good practice packed with over 20 case studies linked with Socitm’s 15 digital principles
  • a checklist of questions to ask and a broad benchmark for digital progress.


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