Better connected 2014


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We published our full 2014 report (236 pages) on 3 March 2014.

  • The report and all supporting spreadsheets are freely available to all Socitm Insight subscribers. However, councils are only named in the results if, as at 24 February, they subscribe to Socitm Insight (or pre-ordered a copy of the report).
  • Non-subscribers who buy the report do not have access to the supporting spreadsheets. 
  • There is limited information available to those who do not subscribe or buy a copy of the report. This includes a two page briefing for chief executives and senior managers.

In keeping with the policy of open data, we publish the headline results of our assessments (Appendix 1) as open data on the Socitm website and make them available for re-use (non-commercially).

To download the publicly available information please sign in to the Socitm website. Website registration is free.