IT Trends 2012/13

We subtitled this year’s report ‘riding the wave of change’. That says it all – it’s a delicate balancing act: catching the wave; controlling the direction it carries you in; using the power of the wave to speed you along; and, importantly, not getting wiped out in the process.

Socitm concludes that the survey suggests that the ICT function is not being as opportunistic and responsive to the imperatives of the severe being too passive, ICT managers risk being not included in key decisions affecting themselves and colleagues, especially those about service redesign and ICT provisioning to support the revised, or wholly new, business processes.

ICT managers need to:

  • take the lead in driving ICT-enabled business transformation, or at least proactively engage in the wider business conversations and bring their knowledge and experience to bear
  • reinvigorate the drives for more channel shift, enabling more flexible working and supporting environmental sustainability
  • plan for a looming skills shortage, especially in the skills of digital service design and development
  • develop a strategy for the service that facilitates the sharing and exploitation of information assets, anticipating more multi-agency interworking within and across organisational boundaries as a consequence of integrated public service (re-)design
  • engage with private sector suppliers to uncover opportunities that promise mutual benefit.

Our report provides essential reading to help ICT managers understand how they should develop the strategy for their service. It provides facts and figures that illuminate where they are now and where they need to be to take their organisations forward.