Challenges and opportunities from an IT and digital perspective
January 2015
We introduce the start of a new series of short reports on the ICT and digital implications of the current health and social care reforms in England, and also similar changes taking place in the rest of the UK. For the first report we have selected the quality of the online user experience to provide a baseline of measurement.
October 2014
Monthly briefings aimed at managing public sector challenges
October 2014
Socitm's latest policy briefing - designed to inform debate in the run up to the 2015 general election on how local digital public services can best be delivered - was launched by Socitm President Nick Roberts on 21 October at the Socitm Annual Conference in Manchester. The briefing is explicitly addressed to politicians and senior policy/decision-makers. It sets out what will be required to deliver locally designed, digital public services and is available free of charge.
October 2014

‘What gets measured gets managed’ goes the business school adage. Faced with unprecedented cuts, public service ICT functions face tough decisions. To support the decision-making process, ICT managers need hard facts about their service, and the ability to make true comparisons of their performance with that of their peers.

Benchmarking provides the facts. Hard metrics allow sensible, if difficult, choices about where there is any fat left to cut, and which parts of the service to cut with the least impact on users.

September 2014
Now business information services
May 2014
A visual guide for top management teams
April 2014
A summary of current academic thinking with practical case studies
April 2014
Contents of Better connected 2014
February 2014
Delivering local public services in the digital age
December 2013