Who we are

Socitm is an IT professional body for people involved in the leadership and management of IT and digitally enabled services delivered for public benefit.

Why we exist

  • To help maximise the effectiveness of IT and digital in delivering services for public benefit.
  • To help members to develop professionally and to deliver their outcomes.
  • To help public service organisations and citizens get maximum value from IT and digital services.

Who our members are

  • They are those involved - and aspiring to be involved - in the leadership and management of IT and digitally enabled services, delivered for public benefit.
  • They are drawn from organisations delivering services to the public and from commercial organisations providing IT services to these organisations.

What we do for members

  • Develop and represent the membership.
  • Provide networking and knowledge sharing opportunities, including national and regional networking and learning events.
  • Support personal and professional development.
  • Facilitate cross sector collaboration, innovation and development.
  • Broker shared services in IT and digital.
  • Share research and best practice.
  • Promote and give visibility to local good practice, innovation and leadership.
  • Provide opportunities to engage in networks and working groups focused on the development of IT and digital policy and strategy.
  • Provide other IT and digital business services to organisations delivering public services.

Key services

  • Public service-focused research & publications in IT and digital leadership
  • Consultancy, advisory and interim services for senior public service leaders
  • Benchmarking ICT services.
  • IT and Digital thought leadership for members, informing and influencing local and national UK government policy development.
  • Chair and facilitate the Local Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council for the UK.
  • Product development services for commercial organisations

How we work


Socitm membership is individual and personal irrespective of whether it's paid by the individual or their organisation. It is this individual relationship with members and the ongoing development and resourcing of support for personal and professional development that sits at the heart of what we do. Even within the context of ‘organisational membership’ each person in a participating organisation or department who wishes to become a member must go through a personal application process and make a decision about which of the available membership options is best for them. To read more about our membership options and professional accredited designations. More information on membership categories and how to join Socitm can be found in the Membership section.


Founded in 1986 as a national organisation covering the whole of the UK we now also have growing work in Australia. We operate through 12 UK regions and Australia, delivering a broad range of member benefits and commercial services. Our regional networks are very active and an invaluable resource to members for peer networking, knowledge sharing, professional and personal development.

At the core of Socitm are our professional development, policy, and member support activities. These are supported and resourced by 4 key activity areas:

Although commercial, each of these activities are operated for the benefit of members and all profits are reinvested in further membership support activities, professional development and policy work.

Socitm members elect a President, Vice Presidents and key office holders in each of our 12 regions. The Chief Executive, answerable to the board of directors, is responsible for achievement of the Society’s business plan and core objectives. Decision-making and other governance activities takes place through a number of groups, each with member representatives. More information can be found in the Governance section.